Kayaking rolling clinic

Improve or learn your self-rescue technique

Learn, improve or fine tune your eskimo roll in the warm and crystal clear Adriatic sea

Kayaking rolling clinic

  • Instructor to student ratio 1:2
  • Instruction method based on Canoeing Ireland course
  • Warm and crystal clear Croatian waters
Kayaking Rolling Clinic | Malik Adventures

Marko taught both me and my son to roll. It felt completely effortless and was much easier than what I was taught before.

Emannuel, France

It is simple and well thought through. I am rolling!

Ivan, Croatia
Kayaking Rolling Clinic | Malik Adventures
Kayaking Rolling Clinic | Malik Adventures

Calling all intermediate paddlers! Learning the eskimo roll is taking your kayaking to the next level. Where better to learn it than in warm Croatian waters with Canoeing Ireland certified instructor.
We pride ourselves in perfecting this teaching technique: proven from teenagers to their parents. We focus on sweep roll, but can also teach other types of roles like C2C, butterfly, storm roll.

This course is completely tailored to your needs. We take a holistic approach to teaching you the roll. We break it down into smaller bits that everyone with earlier kayaking experience can learn and optionally introduce strokes that lead up to the roll.

Ofcourse, whether the skills stay with your greatly depends on how much you practice it.
That is why it is advised to combine this course with one of our multiday trips to use the skills over a course of few days.

The course requires you to stay on Molat for at least 2 nights (due to boat connections with mainland).

Trip info

Paddling route

On the kayaking clinic day we will be paddling to several coves and beaches on island Molat. The objective is to do several rolling sessions in clear, safe and shallow waters. To make sure the practice sits nicely and that you have an enjoyable time, we'll break up the rolling sessions with short touring intermezzos. Paddling distance is around 8k for the whole day.

Daily activity

3-4 hours

2019 departures

Every day as a part of a longer kayaking trip. Contact us to make your kayaking trip plan.




Canoeing Ireland certified instructor
Kayak and support gear (sprey decks, life jackets, paddles, dry bags, nautical map of the area)
Guided kayaking half day trip


Ferry tickets Zadar-Molat-Zadar

Minimum travellers


Kayaking skills

Rolling course is appropriate only for intermediate kayakers that paddle regularly. Ideally people with Level 3 Europass skills, minimum of Level 2 skills. If you don't have Level 2 skills, you can take our essential kayaking course.


Rolling course day is a guided kayaking trip where we move around the Molat archipelago, stopping at differnet spots to practice elements of the roll. Evaluation, tutoring and course is integrated in a paddling trip.

The course takes place in a very relaxed and down to earth environment, but the rolling course formally consists of three modules:

  1. 1) Skills evaluation: here we look at paddlers ability to perform different strokes that lead up to the actual roll and brush up on the particular paddle and body movement.
  2. 2) Practice on dry land: on this stage we go through the motion of a sweep roll, explaining the physics behind it and the impact.
  3. 3) Being under water: at this stage we practice some excercises to getting comfortable under water in capsized position. It is actually a rather fun experience.
  4. 4) Assisted and Independent roll: The final stage is practicing the actual roll.

Booking procedure

Rolling clinic makes most sense when combined with a kayaking trip. We don’t recommend booking this course.

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