Multisport circumnavigation of Zadar archipelago

Kayak, cycle and trek on 5 islands in Zadar archipelago.

Move on water, roads and little trails as you get behind the stories about culture, history and nature: shipwrecks, WW2 tunnels, archeological sites, caves, beaches, ruins, tombs and more.

Multisport circumnavigation of Zadar archipelago highlights

  • See all the highlights of Zadar archipelago moving almost exclusively by power of your own muschles
  • Visit 3 protected nature reserves: UNESCO park Kornati, Nature Reserve Telašćica and Protected Reserve Sakarun
  • See numerous caves, cliffs, shipwrecks, beaches, hillltops and scenic cycling routes
Multisport circumnavigation of Zadar archipelago location on the map
Multisport circumnavigation of Zadar archipelago location on the map

Multisport circumnavigation of Zadar archipelago 01
Multisport circumnavigation of Zadar archipelago 02

Explore the most distant islands in Zadar archipelago from Northern border of Dalmatia to southern UNESCO protected National Park Kornati on this multisport adventure.

Kayak through the first documented fishing areas in the Adriatic (Molat and Telašćica), and through islands of wild Kornati National park. Paddle to ‘Michelle’ shipwreck and explore submarine caves.

Cycle through scenic paved roads on islands Molat and Dugi Otok and explore little used dirt roads through olive fields and all the way to Telašćica Reserve's cliffs and salt lake.

Trek for stunning views of the archipelago on islands Ist and Molat and to a mighty cave 'Paklena peć'.

Sample local goat cheese, wild sea specialties, lamb prepared in old local recipes and get access to local family run B&B. Get to know this little known area that hides some of the most beautiful natural, cultural and historical sites.

Malik Adventures multisport circumnavigation of Zadar archipelago

The trip was bloody amazing, I left feeling satisfied both physically and spiritually at the end of our adventure. I would recommend it to any nature lovers, and particularly to solo travellers, as you can't help but be submerged by Croatia's beauty.


Experience natural beauty upclose.

Trip 1

7 days guided

Daily activity
  • 3-6 hours kayaking (15-25km per day)
  • 1-4 hours cycling (7-30km per day, optionally 54km)
2016 departures
  • May 28th
  • June 4th
  • Other dates from May until July upon request.
  • 820 EUR per person for a group of 6 people
  • 890 EUR per person for a group of 4 people
  • 990 EUR per person for a group of 2 people
  • 6 nights accommodation in local family run accommodation on Molat and in Sali
  • 6 nights breakfast
  • 6 days dinner
  • 5 days guided kayaking, cycling and trekking tours
  • Shuttle transport on Dugi Otok
  • Fully equipped sea kayaks (paddles, spray decks, life jackets)
  • Bicycles (19' or 17' hardtail bikes)
  • Guide: kayaking, cycling and trekking
  • Passenger ferry ticket Zadar Molat (40HRK)
  • Passenger ferry ticket Sali Zadar (40HRK)
  • Drinks and remaining meals
  • Tips
Minimum travelers
  • 2 people

We meet at Molat dock as you get off your catamaran/ferry from Zadar. On this introduction day you learn about the local history (some WW2 sites) and stretch your legs on a hike to see sun set behind the islands. A relaxed day to settle down to our base.
Included: dinner
Highlights: Stone age settlement ruins on Straža, nobleman's residence ruins
Activity: 20 minute hike

Multi sport day: kayak, cycle and trek. After breakfast we get on the bikes and cycle along little island road to old settlement Zapuntel. There we go through basics of sea kayaking, safety at sea and gear and head out to island Ist. There we explore the town and hike up the ‘Way of the Cross’ to ‘ Snow Lady Chappel’ Optional kayaking extension to Funestrala reef for some snorkelling and getting a feel for the open sea.
Included: breakfast, dinner
Highlights: Snow Queen Chapel on Ist, scenic cycling route on Molat, snorkelling on Funestrala reef
Activity: 18km cycling (1.5h), 6km kayaking (1.5h), hiking (1h)

Full kayaking day. After breakfast, we set out to explore post WW2 military caving system, then to the shipwreck Michelle (partially above water), Veli Rat lighthouse and Veli Rat lagoon. Expect a lot of snorkelling, swimming and exploring.
Included: breakfast, dinner
Highlights: Military submarine caves, Veli Rat lighthouse, shipwreck Michelle, snorkling and carbonate caves
Activity: 20km kayaking (4h)

Cycling and trekking day. After breakfast we are transferred by boat to Božava. There we board bicycles and cycle to Sakarun beach. From there we continue along islands’s panoramic road Savar's pre-romanic St. Pelegrin church. There we either get on the van and go for a trek to Paklena Peć or continue cycling. We finish in Sali for dinner. There is an option to extend the cycling all the way to Sali (from 24km to 59m).
Included: breakfast, dinner
Highlights: Sakarun sandy beach (largest in the archipelago), St.Pelegrin church, Paklena peć, scenic cycling route
Activity: 24km cycling (3h) with optional extension to 59km, 1h hiking

Kayak and bike day. After breakfast we get on the bicycles and go through scenic dirt roads of Telašćica reserve. In one of the bays we board the kayaks and start our exploration of cliffs, islets and caves of Kornati National Park. We intersect the day with snorkelling and swimming breaks. Here and there we stop to check out archeological sites with stories about Roman and Illyrian ruins. On the more contemporary end of the spectrum you learn about life on the islands away from water and electricity grid looks like - from our hosts there who prepare their daily catch.
Included: breakfast, dinner
Highlights: Telašćica Reserve, Roman ruin in Mala Proversa
Activity: 10km – 19km kayaking, 14km cycling

Cycling day. Today we get on the bicycles and head to the heart of Telašćica Reserve. The route takes us past salt lake Mir, 100m high cliffs, olive farms, protected bay dotted with sailboats and little hills, a goat farm and a little village. Expect to swim, walk and get a feel for the historical connection between man and nature in this nature park sitting on land that is privately owned (i.e. steep olive gardens).
Included: breakfast, dinner
Highlights: Telašćica Cliffs and Salt Lake Mir
Activity: 20km cycling

Our last breakfast. You take the catamaran back to Zadar departing at 6.25h (arriving to Zadar at 7.30h) or 11.20h (arriving to Zadar at 12.50h).
Included: breakfast

*This itinerary serves as approximate guide. We want to give you an authentic Croatian adventure rather than to check the boxes of an itinerary agenda. Our route may change during the trip to take the advantage of any possible opportunity, such as the weather conditions or according to the groupʼs preferences. Please note that weather conditions, transport delays and other factors may influence our itinerary.

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