10 insights from Adriatic streets - adventures to the customs and habits of Croatia's coast

‘There is no history, there is only biography. We learn about history and culture through people. Is there a better place than Adriatic to get behind the way of life of it’s residence than just by strolling it’s streets. Here are our top observations.

1 Symbiosis

There is an unbreakable bond between people and their animals. They seamlessly blend with life of their owners/caretakers: be it a cat or a dog. Hospitality heritage: if you like animals, you probably like people?

2 Living the streets

In little old towns where rooms are small and days are long and warm, street becomes an extension of the living room. Does that explain vibrance in the streets?

3 Fashion transition

Old style suit-driven fashion expression has an aura of nostalgia. Plenty of it on medieval squares. Perhaps fewer in alleys. A juxtaposition to summer’s official uniform: T and shorts?

4 Contemplation

In all corners of Balkan’s there is a tradition to sit down. And talk about life and stuff. Maybe meditational power of the Adriatic is it’s capacity to slow down?

5 Socialisation (as in ‘not-digital’)

Croatian’s answer to most things in life is: ‘Let’s grab a coffee’. At the bar, on the table or on stone steps. It makes us join in and take a break. Life won’t run away.

6 Daily ritual

‘Coffee and papers.’ An ubiquitous ritual observed all corners of the country. Maybe the only time when the Adriatic residents can sit in a caffee alone?

7 The phenomenon

One of the biggest social, anthropological and cultural phenomenon’s in recent human history is – tourism. We’ve never had so many people travel abroad. Is there a better place to observe it in all it’s forms (both sustainable and little less sustainable) than on the Adriatic?

8 Performers

With ‘the phenomenon’ come the performers. Are they getting better and wittier every year?

9 Space is scarce

You can’t inflate a medieval town, nor stop population growth. Is it funny or just interesting to see how we deal with logistical challenges?

10 Cobblestone summer

Flip flops, little green plant, hot son and craving for shade. Is there a switch that happens when summer starts?


‘‘Conversations’ isn’t necessarily about the things that we talked about on our trips. It is about all the topics that you wanted to know about or ones that we promised we’ll look into. It’s about that constant pursuit of Croatia’s and region’s secrets, insights, history and lifestyle. It’s about enabling you to dive behind the obvious and get the best of your travels – challenging the status quo and celebrating cultural and natural diversity.

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