12 reasons (with photos) why we love sea kayaking in Croatia

A land of thousand islands. Unspoilt nature and picturesque Lilliputian villages and towns all wrapped up in mild Mediterranean climate. We narrowed the list to 10 reasons but had to add two more. Without further due, here is the essence of a page long list of reasons why love kayaking in Croatia.

1 Rough coast line

Slalom between the rocks and find yourself in a cove. Then pronounce a Croatian name of the cove just to find out that the name reveals a witty observation of some natural phenomenon or rock formation nearby.

2 Turquoise sea bed

Actually, after all this time we still get excited to see hues of turquoise in our ‘back yard’. Feels like Caribeean. But with rakija instead of rum.

3 Mystique of the deep sea

Jump from your kayak and dive deep under the cliff into the big blue. You don’t need to see the seabed every time you dive.

4 Islands and islets

Find an island. And then paddle around it.

5 Beaches

Get a feel for Columbian sense of discovery as your kayak hits pebble stones on a beach that is all yours. Or (only in highest season) pretend you’re a pirate attacking an approaching sail boat.

6 Local connection

Start to feel a pattern emerging from local stories: how the locals would get in one of ‘those’ only if allowed to install their outer board motor in the back.

7 Crystal clear waters

Jump, dive or just float on the refreshing and salty sea.

8 Calm seas

Feel the loudness of the sea on it’s calmest day.

9 Green. Lush. Vegetation.

Find your cover from the sun under an oak tree. Smell the pine tree. Collect a freshly fallen almond. Or just be amazed at the greenness of the coast.

10 Sense of exploration and discovery

Find a hidden spot. The one no one told you about. The kind that’s not in the guidebooks. One where no one can walk to or approach it in any way other than by a sea kayak (or a windsurf but that's not very likely).

11 Camaraderie  

Form a line with your fellow paddlers on the sea. Then, together traverse from one island to another. And than repeat that a few more times. In one day.

12 Staircases to nowhere

Learn to get your kayak out on the highest dock and proudly ascend the staircase in the middle of nowhere that leads to a red, tall, lighthouse. Or one that was supposedly made out of 100.000 egg yolks.


‘‘Conversations’ isn’t necessarily about the things that we talked about on our trips. It is about all the topics that you wanted to know about or ones that we promised we’ll look into. It’s about that constant pursuit of Croatia’s and region’s secrets, insights, history and lifestyle. It’s about enabling you to dive behind the obvious and get the best of your travels – challenging the status quo and celebrating cultural and natural diversity.

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