Adventure travel guide to Croatia
E - book
Our e-book looks at adventure travel places to see and things to do in Croatia. It is a collection of tips and insights from 4 years of advising our fellow adventurers visiting Croatia (after a week with us).

Adventure travel is a lot about decision making. Our decisions are only as good as the insights and information we use to make the decisions.

Today, we are getting unprecedented amounts of information, tips and lists of top places. Instead of becoming more knowledgeable, and discovering new information, we are getting more of the same information as anyone else.

In the end, we are travelling to the same places as everyone else

How do you find an adventure place in Croatia that you will love?

How do you skip the ‘touristy’ places that everyone else goes to?

How do you actually get off the beaten path in Croatia?


This e-book is a compilation of the conversations we have had with you - the travellers to Croatia. As you said: ’…yeah…you know…. not the touristy spots, the places you would go, Marko.’

So, here it is. Your step one for planning an adventure trip to Croatia from a perspective of one local outdoor spirit.


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