Covid-19 Code of Conduct

Respect and protection of others have always been an unspoken code of conduct for our clients and trip participants. In these times, there may be less consensus on what the unspoken rules are. Some people may be more cautious and others more relaxed about Covid-19 precautions.

The purpose of this code of conduct is to make sure we all agree to do the necessary minimum precautions and all contribute an atmosphere that protects the health of all participants and creates a positive experience for everyone.

By participating on Malik Adventures trip, you agree on the following Code of Conduct:

  • I agree to avoid physical contact and maintain physical distance minimum 1.5m,
  • I agree to use only personal gear provided for me and not share gear with others,
  • I agree to be fully aware of general hygiene and use hand wash systems that are set up,
  • I agree to follow any system a guide set designed to protect the health of all trip members,
  • I will wear a facial covering if instructed to do by Malik Adventures staff. I understand this is not optional and is akin to using a personal flotation device,
  • I agree to follow the direction of Malik Adventures guides and hosts if there is a request for a change in behavior relating to the health and safety of all Malik Adventures guests, guides, accommodation and food providers,
  • If I refuse to comply to these rules I understand that Malik Adventures serves the right to remove me from any trip and I am responsible for transport expenses that come for that.


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