Easy ski touring trip with great views of Slovenian Alps
Move Your Limits

Fresh winter snow. Short winter days. Mixed weather forecast. This calls for a nice and sweet ski touring day trip adventure. We climb Karavanke mountain range and Dovska Baba. Here is what we found.

Fresh winter snow. Short winter days. Mixed weather forecast. This calls for a nice and sweet ski touring day trip adventure. We climb Dovska Baba on Karavanke mountain range. Here is what we found on this winter adventure.

On many ski touring and adventure trips we pass through Dovje. It is a picturesque village nested in the base of the Slovenia’s Julian Alps. Škrlatica, Stenar and Triglav peaks are rising high behind the village. This is the sight that we normally see for a couple of minutes as we pass with the car. Today it was a constant backdrop during our climb on Dovška Baba.

Ski touring adventure through forest and open plains

The start point is from the mountain road leading north from Dovje, working it’s way up the base of Karavanke mountain. The ascent cuts through the mountain road and continues through thick forest. Just where the forest makes way for pastures and small mountain huts is where we met a Slovenian ski touring school doing avalanche training. From there it is straight up to the baren peak of Dovška Baba with great views of Austrian Alps on one side and Slovenian Alps on the other.


Here's a few tips for doing this trip on your own.

The route

The bottom part is a bit tricky with multiple paths crossing each other. Once you pass a large stone cliff (on the right side) then it is fairly straightforward.


There are not huts in the area as there are mainly short ascents starting from different spots on the mountain roads.


1 day trip with a 3h climb up


‘Moving your limits’ isn’t necessarily about the highest mountains, deepest canyons or oldest ruins. But it is about great adventures. It’s about that constant pursuit of world’s secrets – cultural as well as natural. It’s about how we move in the nature and raise our expectations about each and every place in the world, moving our mental and physical limits on the way.

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