Kayaking Croatia, adventure and beauty.
Adventure travel tips: Croatia

Looking for some family adventure in another country? Kayaking in Croatia is a perfect combination of adventure and beauty you can see all around you with your family. The culture and festive environment of Croatia will add to the fun, therefore, you get to have a complete holiday.


Croatia lies in Eastern Europe and has acquired the status of an adventure destination as several people came to explore the endless adventurous activities available there. Add to this the long hot summers, mild springs and autumns, and long coastlines with sparkling rivers that attract the eye.

Kayaking Croatia Molat

While you sit in a kayak, you would get to explore the beautiful mountains, forests, rivers, and waterfalls in the country. Therefore, a trip to Croatia is incomplete without kayaking in Croatia. You would get to explore a lot of kayaking hotspots in the country; all having some unique beauty to show but Island Molat is something extraordinary.


Molat Island – A Secluded Heaven


The north Dalmatian island, Molat, is a go-to place for those seeking some fun away from the hustle of populated areas. It has a true Mediterranean vibe with underwater cliffs that accentuate the beauty of the place.


The island had been populated since the 13th century in Venetian times and now it has gained international fame for two reasons: its privacy and beauty. Privacy comes from Molat’s history as it was a strategic military hub during the Cold War period. Beauty comes when you just leave nature to do it’s the thing: from oak and pine forests to reviving wildlife.

Island Molat CroatiaMoreover, there is a huge library in the center of the island with more than 6,000 books which is a figure greater than the actual population of pretty much 90% of Zadar archipelago. You can explore the outer surrounding areas of the island through kayaking, where you get to see the beautiful clear water and the clear sky all around.


What can you do in Molat Island?

You can have a lot of fun activities on the island.


Sea kayaking

It is perfect for those looking for some adventure in the sea. You can take this opportunity as a way to have some family adventure in an environment that is fresh and secluded from the densely populated mainland and coastal towns. Get close to nature as you explore the areas nearby in the kayak.

Explore the mystical blue shades of the sea that give a tranquilizing feel to the explorer. As you enjoy nature in Spring, you will also see some beautiful sea turtles, and the rest of the year keep your eyes open for spotting dolphins swimming past you on the open sea.

At the end of your active sea adventure at Molat Island, you can stop by at a local restaurant to have some delicious local staple food like ‘peka’ or ‘soparnik’. Stop by a local organic shop for delicious seasonal fruits and veggies from the region. Grab a Croatian beer, delicious espresso coffee, or simply meditate peacefully along the shore is a beautiful thing to do to rightly at the end the day full of adventure and surprise.


(Adventure) Kayaking trips at Molat Island


If you have plans to do kayaking in Croatia and explore the beautiful island of Molat, you can contact us for information as we arrange a kayaking trip for our customers across the Croatian areas. Don’t know where to start your fun day trip? Don’t worry as we have your back.

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