Kayaking holiday types in Croatia
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Kayaking holiday types in Croatia


Choosing your kayaking holiday type in Croatia is a decision that has more to it than it may appear at first. Here we are giving you a comprehensive overview of different kayaking trips you can do in Croatia to enable you to make the best decision and make the most out of your holiday.

Your holiday is also your opportunity to learn new skills, get insights into local culture, and discover a place you have never been to before.

In order to do that, choosing your holiday is all about striking a balance between the number of new things you are doing so that you have enough focus on embracing the culture and making sense of what is in front of you.

To fully embrace the history, local life, pristine nature, geological features and keep your eyes open for dolphins, you need to get the right kayaking holiday type.

Outdoor experience

A kayak camping holiday may provide just the kind of environment for an experienced outdoorsy person. For another person camping logistics may just kill the trip.

In other words, kayak camping may be so overwhelming for a novice kayaker and person with little camping experience that you will not see the life around you - perhaps accommodation based trip kayaking may be more suitable.

Kayaking experience

kayak holiday camping

What kind of distance we paddle and in what conditions we paddle in is something we take a lot of attention to. It is what directs our thoughts when planning the itinerary, putting the group together for one trip, and making the final decision during the trip.

An experienced kayaker may have hundreds of kilometers of paddling trips behind their belt. For that person, a self-guided trip sounds perfect. Their mind just automatically thinks about the weather, route selection, handling unexpectedly rough sea state, or dealing with any kind of accident on the way.

A beginner kayaker might have fewer miles in their kayak, so a self-guided trip may be just over the limit. A guided kayaking trip may be more suitable. Not to mention the safety aspect of a badly chosen kayaking holiday type. In the end, we want you to have a great experience, no matter what the weather is like.


Local immersion

The amount of local emersion also depends on the kind of trip you are taking. Going for an accommodation based kayaking trip, staying and eating with local families, spending a few nights in the same village, and having a guide provide discerning commentary on what is around you has a much higher level of local immersion than going on a self-guided kayaking trip.

Here is an overview of all kayaking holiday types with comparison of features and trip designs.

kayaking holiday type in croatia



There are a few things that are the same across the different types of kayaking holiday types with Malik Adventures.


Off the beaten path

kayaking holiday off the beaten path

Everything we do at Malik Adventures is taking place off the beaten path. Think of small island life. Villages without tourism offices. Hard to reach locations. That is why we exist. To enable you to see place you wouldn't on your own.


Balkan history you can touch

kayak submarine caves in zadar

Think of submarine tunnels and military caves from the cold ware period; shipwrecks, century-old villages, and towns. Our itineraries always center around locations that make you realize that 'Balkans produces more history than people can consume.'


Customized itinerary

Mind you, we are a boutique agency. No itinerary is the same even if we move in the same archipelago. Customization happens from our first itinerary draft proposal all the way until your guide route selection in the trip. The more we know about you, the more we change the itinerary.


Best kayaking trip ingredients

We spend a lot of time on trips and on the water. We keep on investing in the best experiences, tools, and gear for you. From kayaks, accessories all the way to supplier services. Be it a new item on the menu from our local suppliers, the newest authentic and local refurbished apartment, we ensure that ingredients on our trips are of the highest quality. It is akin to Croatian cuisine - based on the highest quality ingredients and mixed so that 1 and 1 make 11. 🙂




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