You know that you can rent a lighthouse on a remote island in Croatia? You get dropped off with your supplies and then you live there. There is a two year waiting list, though. But, it is an interesting idea.

Living in a lighthouse could be cool. For more than a week. Like really live there. We would probably find a bouldering routes on the side of the house. Maybe put up (somehow sustainably without damaging the rock) bolts on the main building for lead climbing. In the afternoon go spearfishing. Talk about life. Birds. Read a book… a ‘proustian’ stream of thoughta about adventure as we explore this beautiful little lighthouse in North Croatia.



For a lighthouse inspired kayaking itinerary, drop us a line here.

For an itinerary that includes a slighly bigger lighthouse (and supposedly built with eggs) – Veli Rat, check ‘3 islands itinerary’.

If you want to explore the lighthouse renting option try going directly to the company that takes care of all lighthouses in Croatia – Plovput.



‘‘Microadventures’ remind us that we shouldn’t take any moment for granted. It’s about enjoying the little things. About living the moment. About making the best of what is in front of us, continually looking for inspiration and being surprised by what travel and life throw back at us.