New Year's sea kayaking trip in Croatia
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Looking to spend New Year's eve in a remote location away from crowds? Someplace rustic, picturesque but still with a number of outdoor activity options? Perhaps something different to snow and ice? How about sea kayaking remote islands in the Zadar archipelago?

Spending New Year's eve on crowded ski slopes or busy Advent city events is less appealing in these times of Covid-19 lockdowns and quarantines. Remote locations are grabbing our focus and attention. Is there a safer place than remote islands in the Zadar archipelago, namely the island Molat? We have designed an itinerary that will make the winter magic.

Why is New Year's winter kayaking trip unique?

Away from crowds

sea kayaking island molat croatia

Village Molat has a winter population of 60. No cases of Covid-19 have been recorded on the archipelago, and makes it a safe place for a multiday getaway.


Archipelago for yourself

kayaking adriatic islands

Unlike in warmer months that will find some traffic at sea, kayaking in winter feels like you have the entire sea for yourself. The only boat in sight is the daily catamaran and the evening squid fisherman.


Squid fishing

fishing croatia

Winter is the squid fishing season. On this trip, we have an option to join one of the local fishermen on a squid fishing trip in small 5m-long fishing boats. You will need to bring a set of old/dark clothes – the squid ink does not wash off your clothes.


More active wildlife

tuna breaching croatia

The amount of wildlife we see on our winter trips is unique (for Croatian standards). On the trip last week we have seen dolphins and tuna breaching up to two times every day. The dolphins even swam deep inside the Molat harbor. In the summer months, the boat traffic and warmer sea temperatures deter wildlife.


Cozy apartments with wood-burning stoves

There is nothing like cracking the sound of burning wood as you settle down with a cup of tea for a chat with friends after a day paddling out in the sea.


Special winter menu

Food is always an integral part of our itineraries. We have a specially designed menu with winter food specialties. As always there are vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, gluten-free, lactose-free options available.


What is the itinerary?

The itinerary for this winter trip is a combination of signature '3 islands' trip itinerary adjusted for weather conditions. Contact me (see below contact details) for more information about this trip.

No matter what the weather and sea state conditions are like, we can always find an itinerary suitable for all skill levels to get out for a paddle every day. For rest days, we have a number of hiking options and some biking routes.

Beaches and coves

beaches croatia

Picnic lunch stop on one of the beaches. On a warm sunny day, a perfect place for some down time and chilling.


While snorkeling is not an option in winter, much can be seen just from the sea kayak. Pssst there is a stunning spot for lunch break here, too.

Military tunnels

military tunnel adventure

Learn more about the Cold War military strategy and construction ingenuity by taking a walk through the Yugoslav military tunnels on remote parts of island Molat.

Submarine tunnels

kayaking submarine tunnes

Paddle inside the impressive Cold War submarine tunnels.


Secluded islands

island kayaking

The number of stone stacks, reefs and islets make for a great lunch spots out at sea.

Try out different paddling gear

Paddle in PH Scorpio or several Prijon touring kayak models. Try different paddle designs from wooden Greenland paddles, different Werner and Adventure Technology Euro blades, or try Epic racing wings.


Apiary visit

Island Molat is named after bees. We keep an apiary on the island so you can try the local honey but also do a walk to see the apiary up close and learn about beekeeping.


Hikes to island hilltops and the Snowlady chappel

Get stunning views of the archipelago from 175m high hilltops.


Expected weather in December

Similar weather patterns happen in winter compared to summer. You can have multiple days with no wind, some rain and some winds. What makes winter different is that the rain and wind can last for more than a day or two. That is why we require people with earlier kayaking experience so that we can paddle in moderate winds. See trip requirements below.

Sea temperature is 15 degrees Celsius

Air temperature coldest is 6.4 and warmest 12 degrees Celsius

The average precipitation days per month in December is 10.


Trip requirements

This trip has been designed for intermediate paddlers:

  • Minimum 6 people to run the trip
  • All participants need to have their dry suits
  • All participants need to have beginner paddling skills (level 2 skills)

Get in touch

I will personally guide this trip. As always, we will add elements of kayak instruction to the trip for anyone who is interested (included in the price): essential paddling strokes, knots, tarpology and expedition learning trips.

To learn more about the trip and check availability drop me an email to


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