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Kayaking courses on island Molat in Croatia.

You are thinking of taking your sea kayaking courses? Croatia is the ideal place to take sea kayaking courses level 2 and level 3. Take a look at what makes the sea kayaking course in Croatia ideal for you no matter if you will be paddling in Ireland, Denmark, England, Sweden, Norway, or Germany.


Why take a kayaking courses on the island Molat in Croatia?

The sea state and environment you need for Level 2 and Level 3 courses is ideal on island Molat in Croatia. Level 2 teaching environment entails closed bays and flatwater conditions.

For Level 3 you need smooth seas (Douglas scale), meaning waves up to 50cm and winds up to Force 3 (Beaufort), which is 7knts. There are also ample opportunities for short island-hopping trips, which makes this archipelago ideal for Level 3 sea kayak courses.

Both Level 2 and Level 3 conditions can easily be found on Molat in ample supply no matter which wind is blowing, although Molat is one of the most distant islands in the Zadar archipelago


What are different sea kayaking levels?

We work as instructors for Canoeing Ireland, which is a part of the Europaddlepass. It has 5 different levels. Here is an overview of EPP kayaking level skills.

epp kayaking course outcomes

EPP kayaking level 1 and level 2

Level 1 and level 2 are essential sea kayaking skills. Skills taught here apply to both white water and sea kayaking environments.

This skill level will enable you to paddle safely and efficiently in flat water conditions in enclosed bays. You will be able to assist and help others in case of capsizing. That includes emptying the kayak and help them re-enter the kayak.


EPP kayaking level 3

At level 3, skills are different for whitewater and sea kayaking. We teach Level 3 sea kayaking skills. Here you will learn all skills for maneuvering your boat and different rescue techniques. Skill level in sea kayaking level 3 will enable you to organize your own kayaking expeditions and trips. That includes island crossings. Paddling is in waves up to 1m.


EPP kayaking level 4 and level 5

Levels 4 and 5 take all level 3 skills and bring them to more dynamic sea environments. Waves more than 1m, sea currents more than 4kts. This includes navigation, tidal planning and more advanced communication protocols (use of VHF) use several other advanced rescue techniques.


What is a sea kayaking course in Croatia like?

kayaking in croatia

'You are in the middle of the little fishing harbor. It's a calm day. Five kayakers are paddling past the coastline, turning around the buoy, reversing back between two fishing boats, then paddling out towards the red lantern. Seagulls and laughter from the kayakers are the sounds that dominate the bay. '

This is what the first few hours of the kayaking course with us on island Molat is like. We use the skills taught at the course to move to nearby coves and bays, discover the untouched coastline on island Molat.

  • We break down skills into small digestible bits, but we keep it fun.
  • We do repetitions, but we make sure that exciting games keep your mind focused.
  • We learn to paddle but we also learn how to connect with the sea.
  • We learn to turn but also, how to turn new skills into patience.
  • We learn how to help others, but also how to think 3 steps ahead out at sea to keep everyone safe


At the end of the day. Each and every trip and course is different – catered to your background, skill level, and learning speed.

Why is Europaddlepass important for you?

EPP is important for you, no matter if you are a foreign national or a local Croatian doing a course in Croatia. If nothing else, then for one reason alone. Getting an EPP certificate enables you to continue your kayaking education in any other EPP country.


How does it work?

Countries in EPP system have alignment meetings every year where they make sure that their certification requirements are the same across the countries.

Bottom line is that you can do your kayaking level 2 in Germany, Level 3 in Switzerland, and Level 4 in Ireland. The certificate you get in Croatia is a Canoeing Ireland certificate.

Here is a list of countries covered by Europaddlepass:

epp sea kayaking courses

Find out more about the level 2 course here and about our rolling clinic here, for level 3 skills and to inquiry about available dates, say

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