Ski mountaineering: Grossglockner
Move Your Limits
What happens when you put a usually vague forecast (fog, snow, rain and sun), a 3.798m high mountain, a glacier and 4 very entusiastic ski mountaineers?
It can be hit or miss. We've all seen both. But with all the enthusiasm and good vibe from our little group, it can only be great. And so it was. Clouds and snow fall turend to 30cm of fresh powder. Humid, sticky temperetures turned to perfectly clear sky, and glacial -10. Just what the mountains teach us: perservere and you will succeed.
Austrian mountain huts always surprise us with the level of comfort. Beyond the showers, cozy rooms, spacious interior and delicious smell from the kitchen, every time it seems like they have just built the hut a week ago. Never the less, we got up at 430AM. That is pretty much the only way you can make sure you get to the top before the crowds. Obviously there are more than 4 very enthusiastic ski mountaineers in the world.
Carving our trace through the pristine glacier. Puffing our way through the deep layers of fresh powder. Hearing our lungs noticing how the air is getting 'thinner' with every new meter. Couple moments and 4 hours later, here we are: working our way to one of the Glockner peaks. And then - the well deserved 2 hour free fride paradise - all the way down.
You do need to respect the mountain. When you do, it teaches you to 'never say never, because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.'
Here's a few snapshots from a trip this weekend.
*Two great photos by Rene Lisac on this week's trip.

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