Skitouring course in Slovenia
Move Your Limits
This weekend we lead a skitouring introduction trip in the Slovenian Alps. We enabled our Finnish adventurers to make the leap from on-piste skiing to the world of skitouring. See how we discoverd one of the routes off the beaten path.

Introduction to skitouring in Slovenia

Development is never a clear line. It applies to hiking, skiing, climbing, SUP, kayak or any other human venture, actually. One always needs to make a jump the next level. There is never a steady slope leading up. Going from on-piste skiing to the world of skitouring is one such leap forward. This weekend we enabled a couple of Finnish skiers to take it to the next level.

Spring skitouring trip

Our trip was an exploratory full day ski touring trip. It is intented to give people a feel for what skitouring is all about in the safe and controled environment. It's about feeling of the power of the mountains with passion, enthusiasm and respect that come out of it. It included introduction to skitouring and skiing in mixed snow conditions.

Weather was ideal. Copiuos amounts of snow with avalanche danger lowest that the avalanche scale can express. A bit of clouds with some snow on the way up. The wind replaced that with clear sky and great views on the way down. Then on top of it all a hyggelig mountain hut and great Slovenian food. Here's a few photos from the trip.

Happy Easter.

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