Wallpaper: Adriatic island lifestyle
What is it that catches our inspiration as we walk through the streets of Adriatic islands? How do we get sucked into this relaxed, zen line vibe? Here is one revealing insight that we can all take home. Along with a wallpaper about it.

A large volume of Dalmatian sayings, beliefs and folk medicine has been accumulated in one book - Anima Delmatica. It is a big book. As in - Bible big. To fully understand all it's meanings is a tough task for all non-dalmatians let alone non-croatians. Primarily because of the local dialect. Also, because of it's somewhat metaphysical meanings. Nevertheless, the words reveal a lot about the Dalmatian way of life. Here is one we'd like to share with you.

 ‘Be clever: land chores should not be fully completed in a day - but in two days. One's work should not be done in one day - but in two days. It’s like the moon. When it is full, it is already dead. It’s starting to disapear. Your work and your life are the same.’

The quote implies that the slower you work - the longer your life is. Life won't escape from your hands. It's just an illusion. There is some truth to it - life seems to be more about the process, rather then the end result. This belief on the coast is rarely voiced over or discussed. However, the two fishermen on this wallpaper photo show their understanding of the principle: they slowly pack their nets in Molat’s quite harbour. Download away.




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