Hello. We are expanding our team for summer activities and are looking for a kayaking/SUP/hiking guide based on islands in Zadar archipelago.


To inspire active travelers, Adventure Guide spearheads all itinerary activities by demonstrating kayaking/SUP techniques, leading hiking trips and making sense of weather forecasts, adjusts routes to fit the weather and the group skills and fitness level, liaison with suppliers, keeps gear in check. On top of it he/she leads conversations to reveal the hidden secrets of our area and serve as the advocate of Malik Adventure’s eco-friendly way of traveling (and living). It is either a seasonal or a full-time position.


Become a certified sea kayaker and/or SUP paddler. Learn how to plan and execute expeditions and trips and read the nature. Get a Canoeing Ireland certificate on the way. 
Spend days immersed in nature using your body every day (well, there are rest days, too).
Help people. Pass on knowledge about the ancient sport of kayaking, young sport of SUP, the nature and history of our home turf and enable people to move their limits in a safe environment. (we’ll train you on this, don’t worry)
Lead and be responsible for groups of like-minded adventurers. By this, we mean university professors, lawyers, historians, media people, doctors, bricklayers and policemen who are fit and sometimes progressive outdoor athletes.


# You have a high affinity for the outdoors. That means you already do some outdoor activities and you’re fit. No need for triathlon scores, but 6-hour activity day should be your thing. We will make you a highly competent paddler, but we need to build on something.
# You are motivated and driven. You volunteer for new challenges without waiting to be asked. You take ownership of time spent with us to make a difference.
# Your communication skills (in English, obviously) are first-string. You will be talking to a lot of very interesting people from around the world. It would be a shame not to contribute to such conversations.
# You are independent and responsible. You love taking ownership of projects and making sure everything flows smoothly. You don’t get flustered easily. If you don’t know the answer, you dig until you find it.
# You are a practical person. Gear is our friend and you need to take care of friends. Nothing major but patching up a bike tire, making sure all gear is in place and small things like this.
# You think on your feet. You like learning new things and you can learn quickly.

To land this gig, you need to have some experience working with people (kids are people, too, only smaller). It doesn’t need to be a fancy title. Internship, volunteer work and side projects count. Just make sure we can see where you picked up your people-leading superpowers in your cover letter or resume.

To apply please send your CV and cover letter to marko@malikadventures.com