What to pack for your adventure holiday in Croatia?
Adventure travel tips: Croatia
Whether you are going for a self guided trip or guided adventure holiday, you have to pack your bag. Here is our tips on what to consider bringing over to make your adventure run smoothly.


Here are some tips on what to pack for your Croatian adventure holiday:

1. Rules for adventure packing in summer

2. Rules for adventure packing in spring and fall

3. Rules for adventure packing in winter

4. Packing list: kayaking adventure

5. Packing list: hiking adventure


1. Rules for adventure packing in summer

-   Consider day length on July 1st: sunrise at 5:19h, the sun sets at 20:47h (Zadar)

-   Summers can get very hot. Even for Croatian standards, let alone if you are coming from further up the northern hemisphere. Luckily they are not humid as in Cuba or Thailand Winter season. Nevertheless, count on the possibility for slightly higher exhaustion due to temperature. Any outdoor activity in summer will require a lot of hydration, breathable clothes that dry quickly and something convenient to carry all that around.

-   Summer storms occasionally happen. They are accompanied by rain and strong wind, lasting anything between half an hour to a full day. If you are out at sea or in the mountains you will need to have a rain jacket and possibly a set of spare clothes.

-   Days are long. Unless bar hopping is your kind of adventure on weekends, you will not need a lot of clothes for the nights.

-   The evenings can be chilly. The more remote your trip takes you the more it is likely you'll need long sleeves and long pants to enjoy the evening under the stars.

2. Rules for adventure packing  in early spring and late fall

-   Consider day length March 1st: the sun rises at 6.37 and sets at 17.47h (Zadar)

-   There is a possibility of prolonged medium intensity winds (up to 12 knots). It doesn't happen all the time but there is the likelihood that out of 7 days you may have 5 days of wind. For aerobic activity think about thin multilayer of clothes to protect you from the wind and breathe at the same time.

-   Day temperature gets very different from night temperature. Temperatures in the night's drop to 10C (50F) from daily 20C (68). This may mean carrying an extra layer of clothes if your adventure ends in the evening.

3. Rules for adventure packing in winter

-   Consider day length on December 1st: the sun rises at 7.15h and sets at 16.23h (Zadar)

-   Wind chill factor. In winter winds are very frequent and they significantly impact the feel of the temperature. On the coast or up on the mountains temperature of 5 degrees may feel like -10.

-    Alpine conditions in the mountains. Planning the trip to mountains should be taken with special attention to the weather. Some roads may not be closed and some hiking trails (even on Velebit that overlooks the sea) may require crampons and even ice axes.

-   Offseason. Most services close in winter. For self-guided trips, depending on your adventure destination, this means that you will need to think ahead about getting your supplies. Think about how to carry those.

4. Croatia adventure holiday packing list: kayaking/sup

croatia adventure hoilday packlist for kayaking

For water-based activities like kayaking and SUP here is a list of things to consider.

Apparel for kayaking adventure holiday

-   Swimming gear (swimming shorts) – to wear for the water activities
-   UV protection short (or long) sleeve breathable top – for sun protection
-   Lightweight waterproof rain jacket – to have nearby in the case of rare summer/less-rare autumn storms.
-   Shorts and T-shirts – for everything else
-   Hoodie or long sleeve shirt and pants - in case it gets slightly colder in the evenings.

Footwear for kayaking adventure holiday

-   Sports sandals or 'water shoes' - for exiting from kayaks and walking on sharp rocks on the coastline
-   Hiking or running shoes – for short hikes on the islands.

Accessories for kayaking adventure holiday

-   Sunglasses with a cord – for eye protection against sunlight
-   Small dry bag. useful for keeping a camera and valuables handy while paddling, SUPing (you get large dry bags from us)
-   Water bottle (minimum 1liter, ideally 2L) – for hydration on the go
-   Electricity converter: local powerpoint require a plug with two round pins



-   Lightweight cycling gloves – to avoid potential blistering. Most people don't have any issue with this, but just a thought if you have gentle hands.
-   Backpack to carry it all. Ideally, something small so it fits inside a 20L dry bag.


5. Croatia adventure holiday packing list: hiking

croatia adventure holiday packlist for hiking

For hiking activities here is what we bring along

Apparel for hiking adventure holiday

-   Light and breathable T-shirts
-   Light and breathable shorts
-   Socks (and a spare pair) – breathable and comfortable for long walks
-   Lightweight waterproof jacket – in case of rain storm
-   Fleece – to warm you up for the picnic break up in the mountains (this applies to all seasons including summer)
-   Spare T-shirt – in case you need to stay longer in one place
-   Buff – to maintain warmth around your neck up in the mountains


Footwear for hiking adventure holiday

-   Comfortable hiking boots – Vibram bottom sole will come handy for hopping on sharp carbonate rock found on some mountain routes.
-   Spare light tennis shoes (to change into in the huts)

Accessories for hiking adventure holiday

-   Head torch – a must if you venture out to the mountains
-   Map of the area – you'll buy this once you come over but just to have it on the top of your mind.
-   Watch – mobiles batteries (or extra chargers) may die out


-   Gaiter (or a Puttee if you want to go retro) – necessary in Winter but it may come handy in Autumn to keep your feet dry in case of a prolonged rain.

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