Each journey to yoga is unique. Our is no different. We started with a few stretching exercises a year ago and now we lead our first kayaking and yoga week. Here’s a few impressions from this limited edition trip in 2015.

We did our first kayaking and yoga class this year. The idea naturally developed from your positive feedback on our stretching exercises at the end of the kayaking sessions. Fast forward 1 year and we have a certified yoga instructor leading yoga classes in our picturesque base on island Molat.

Yoga practice consists of two elements. First is the Ashtanga base yoga sessions on rest days and second is a series of our own unique post paddle Yoga sequence that will help us tostretch out muscles again at the end of our paddling day.Great way to enhance the impact of the paddling and helping muscles to recover.

Kayaking is a meditation in it’s own way. You are sitting exactly on water level, feeling the waves and soaking in the gentle wind, paddling between little islands and reefs. Surely, looking at the shoreline adds a perspective and brings a sense of calmness. It gets you in the flow. Kind of like playing a violin. You don’t believe us when we tell you the millage at the end of the day: ‘We did that many k’s? It didn’t feel like it!’

Now with yoga, our aim is to help you get the best of your holiday with us – active and balanced. For the time being, this trip in 2015 was limited edition and we are planning to add one more trip in September. As always entire trip is ran in English by our team. In addition to the kayaking and yoga, expect a special healthy (and delicious) breakfast with some of our home made delicacies: our local honey, local goat milk, home baked bread and a few surprises. Stay tuned, or if you have questions, shoot us email.

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