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Our Mission - Malik Adventures

It is for those who want to discover and get inspired by nature, adventure and culture.
We are your island adventure expert for sea kayaking and SUP touring in the Adriatic

The Malik Adventure way of doing trips

Great tours are well planned

We put a lot of research into crafting our tours to make sure we enable travelers to smoothly visit hard-to-reach places far off the beaten path.

Standing still is going backwards

We believe that same principle applies to our bodies and minds. It’s about moving your personal limits: mentally by exploring culture and tradition, and physically with help of our expert guides.

There is no history

Our vision of connecting to local culture is not about knowing the people but growing up with them. You are already under the skin of the local culture – you're talking to us.

Adventure is individual

What defines us is the contact we make with each of our guests. Adventure lies behind every corner and it is about a mental perception and an idea. It's only natural that it means different things to different people and we make tailor made tours whenever possible.

Earth laughs in flowers

We do our best to keep the 'flowers' alive and make the impact of our trips on the environment minimal, from choosing our gear to reducing use of motored vehicles.

Responsible travel

Our responsibility is to ensure that travel has only positive affect on local culture. That means dosing influence of travellers to avoid mass touristification. We are proud to say that all our partners are family run businesses that live locally and tourism is only one of their sources of income.
Malik staff

Your local team

Our team is multidisciplinary and professional: certified sports trainers, sea kayakers, ski tourers, mountain guides and rock climbers.
Marko is a rock climber, kayaker, ski tourer, photographer, beekeeper and founder of Malik Adventures.
A long time kayaking guide and climbing instructor in Croatia, he spent a big part of his life on one of the islands in the Zadar archipelago. Prior to starting this company he was working for US and Danish companies in marketing and communication for 8 years in several European markets. Marko is Canoing Ireland Level 2 Instructor and has certificate for Level 3 Whitewater, Level 3 Sea kayaking and SUP skills.
Igor is a sea kayaker, sports trainer, beekeeper and outdoor enthusiast.
He graduated from sports faculty in Croatia and is leading our kayaking trips. He's recent engagements are research at center for high performance sport in UCLM in Murcia and leading dog sleeding adventures in Norway. He currently holds ICU Level 3 kayaking certificate.
Ivana is a yoga instructor, ski tourer and an ardent organic food producer with a fruit plantage in continental Croatia.
She runs our yoga classes and takes care of Malik Adventures back office work. You can see her on one of the docks by the sea doing morning asanas or welcoming you as you return to one of our bases. She currently has a TT200 Yoga Alliance certificate.
Tomba is a seasoned sea kayaking guide and mountain guide. He has traversed most of the Croatian coast by kayak and climbed most major mountain peaks above 3000m in the area.
He leads our sea kayaking trips. In free time he can be found in his workshop tinkering with different designs. His latest project is production of his own wooden kayak by Norwegian design.
Aco is a climber, ski tourer and a mountain guide.
He is mountaineering instructor and IUAA certified guide. Aco has lead dozens of climbing, mountaineering and ski touring tours in Croatia, Slovenia and Austria. He even had his wedding celebration in one of the mountain huts. He is our lead ski touring guide.
Trips that we provide
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Our manifesto
There are no highest mountains, deepest canyons or oldest ruins here.
But there are still great adventures.
It is not about finding the most hyped destination, or necessarily the one with best reviews.
Adventure lies behind every corner.
It’s not about reducing your expectations but raising them for every place in the world.
It’s not in one special place or in one special person.
Adventure is wherever someone is trying to find it.
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