Sneak peek behind our adventure tours

Sea kayaking and stand up paddle based adventure trips on the islands
Adventure travel to secret islands on the Adriatic sea.
You are going off the beaten path. This means living on islands Molat or Kornat. Between your adventures, walk to your own secluded beach, visit a Dolphin Research Center or just indulge in local rituals: espresso (or perhaps a beer).
You‘re living in family operated BnB.
Stay in premium accommodation. Get a feel for everyday local island life and some straightforward Croatian hospitality. Still you have absolute privacy and time for yourself.
Every day starts with a relaxed and hearty breakfast.
From a collection of local ingredients (ham, cheese, eggs, jams) over to vegan or vegetarian specialties with a few little surprises. We’ll reveal those once you sit down. :)
We venture out to explore the maze of islands, islets and stone stacks.
To remind you, our home turf is one of the densest archipelagos in Mediterranean. Closest islands are just 50m apart. We can easily up the game to some isolated islands. Expect very rewarding snorkeling sessions.
From submarine caves and military tunnels to secluded coves and shallow turquoise waters.
Raw? Maybe. Gritty? Perhaps. But above all - real. Moments of connection to undisturbed nature, history (Antiquity, Rennaissance, WW2 and all in between) and culture (Austro-Hungarian, Illyrian, Roman, Croatian with a dash of Ottoman).
A cliff jump. A snorkeling session. Or just a few kilometers more than you thought you can handle?
Real life is everything beyond the comfort zone. We want to help you move your limits on this adventure trip. Mental and...well, physical is a part of mental anyway. That is why you are here - to become a better adventurer, traveller, athlete, person.
Adventure nourishes your soul and then we need something for the body, too - with an island twist.
Every island has a slightly different recipe for buzara, the bell, pašticada. On top o this add an element of passion when it is home made. There are also vegetarian, vegan, gluten free variations of local dishes. At the end of the day, when your body is happy, when you sit down and hear the silence of the sea in the distance...dinner is served.


This is just one day in a trip. There is more than a week load of adventure worthy things to see and do. Sea kayak, SUP, cycle, hike or just go for a snorkel.
If you are looking to come to our neck of the woods for some adventure touring, give us a shout. We are happy to answer any questions or make a tailor made trip for you.
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